Fraternal Greetings

20/01/2015 17:33

20th January 2015

Ayr Burns Club

President: A Bryce Weir

Fraternal Greetings to Kindred Clubs

As we approach the Anniversary of the birth of our National Bard, Robert Burns, may
I on behalf of all our Members extend fraternal greetings to all members of all
kindred clubs.

We trust that your celebrations are most memorable and wish you all every future

In "The Answer, to the Guidwife of Wauchope-House", Burns clearly stated his ambitions:

Ev'n then a wish (I mind its power)

A wish, that to my latest hour

Shall strongly heave my breast;

That I for poor auld Scotland's sake

Some useful plan, or book could make,

Or sing a sang at least.


Yours aye

Bryce Weir